FCP can make referrals to evaluators and clinicians with years of varied experience in the field of psychology.

Angela M. Johnson, Psy.D.

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Dr. Angela Johnson has been practicing in the mental health field for over 15 years. She was licensed as a clinical psychologist in 2007. Dr. Johnson has had a varied career in forensic and clinical psychology, providing forensic assessments, diagnostic evaluations, cognitive and personality testing, as well as conducting individual and group treatment in clinical and correctional settings. 

Dr. Johnson has provided diagnostic and risk assessments to the court in various capacities and has evaluated hundreds of offenders.  She is available to conduct forensic evaluations for both criminal and civil matters, and can provide expert testimony on issues of competence to stand trial and criminal responsibility, mental health commitment, mandated substance abuse treatment, sexual dangerousness, sex offender classification, and aid in determination of sentencing. 

In addition to forensic assessment, Dr. Johnson provides psychotherapy for general mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, sexual disorders, and personality disorders. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and she has extensive training in family systems. 

Dr. Johnson has been a guest lecturer and professor at Roger Williams University. She is available to provide workshops in areas relevant to both clinical and forensic psychology. Dr. Johnson is currently writing a book; she co-hosts a podcast at Chasingthemind.com.

Stephanie R. Schwartz, Psy.D.

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Dr. Schwartz has worked in the areas of crisis evaluation and intervention, psychological and neuropsychological evaluation, and psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children. Currently, she is a professor at Roger Williams University where she teaches classes in child development, human diversity, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and the psychology of consciousness.

Dr. Schwartz is available to provide cognitive and educational testing. She has developed a Freshman Boot Camp for high school students preparing for transition to college life. Dr. Schwartz co-hosts a podcast at Chasingthemind.com

Barbara Mcelroy, psy.d.

Dr. Barbara McElroy has extensive experience working with individuals in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, prisons, partial hospitalizations programs and private mental health organizations. In her clinical practice, Dr. McElroy has experience treatting adults and couples. Dr. McElroy is also an experienced forensic psychologist who has provided expert witness testimony to the courts in criminal and civil matters, regarding questions of competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, and civil commitment for mental health and substance abuse issues.