Dr. Angela Johnson is a licensed psychologist, practicing in the field for over ten years. A graduate of the Massachusetts School of Professional  Psychology (now William James College), she has had a varied career providing forensic assessments, diagnostic evaluations, cognitive and personality testing, as well as conducting individual and group treatment in clinical and correctional settings. 

In 2008 Dr. Johnson was appointed as a Qualified Examiner in the state of Massachusetts. Under that designation she has conducted over 700 risk assessments of sexual offenders being reviewed for civil commitment under M.G.L. 123A  as Sexually Dangerous Persons. Dr. Johnson was appointed as a member of the Community Access Board in 2009  which reviews civilly committed sex offenders annually. Dr. Johnson has been deemed an expert in the field of sex offender risk assessment and has testified as an expert witness on over 150 occasions regarding sexual dangerousness. Dr. Johnson has also provided expert testimony for the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board.  

Working as a Court Psychologist, Dr. Johnson also provided expert testimony under M.G.L. 123 regarding questions of competence to stand trial and criminal responsibility, mental health commitment, and mandated substance abuse treatment. She has provided assessments to aid the court in determination of sentencing. Individuals or attorneys looking for court-ordered evaluations or other forensic assessments are encouraged to contact Dr. Johnson for a free consultation.

In addition to forensic assessment, Dr. Johnson is trained in providing psychotherapy for general mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, sexual disorders, and personality disorders. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and has extensive training in family systems. 

Dr. Johnson has been a guest lecturer and professor at Roger Williams University. She is available to provide workshops and training in the areas of forensic assessment and practice, violence risk assessment, human sexuality, and sex offender risk assessments and treatment. Dr. Johnson is currently writing a book; she co-hosts the podcast Chasingthemind.com.

Dr. Johnson is available for individuals, couples, and parents seeking psychotherapy or life-coaching through FCP's telepsychology portal. Dr. Johnson is currently developing an app that offers support between sessions.